Ken Gill Memorial Fund

In this section we will tell you about the aims of the Ken Gill Memorial Fund, how to support it, by affiliating for example, and projects we are supporting.
What is it?

The Ken Gill Memorial Fund was established to commemorate the work and values of Ken Gill (1927-2009), life-long communist, trade unionist and campaigner for global peace and social justice.

The Trustees of the Fund are Rodney Bickerstaffe (Chair), Michael Seifert (Treasurer), Rob Miller, Carolyn Jones (co-chairs) and family members Tom Gill (Secretary), Joe Gill, Emma Gill and Norma Bramley.

The fund will be used to keep alive the memory of Ken Gill and what he stood for by promoting and financing for example:

• Lectures, seminars, meetings and discussions
• The publication of articles, pamphlets and books
• Research projects and scholarships

In particular, we will give consideration to

• Promoting the Morning Star and other leftwing and progressive journals
• Promoting the views and objectives of the Institute of Employment Rights and the ideals of the trade union movement in general.
• Supporting the activities of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, the Music Fund for Cuba and the struggles for freedom, socialism and peace world wide.
• Supporting international solidarity, especially for oppressed, marginalised and exploited social classes, ethnic groups and peoples, including the Palestinians and other nations living under direct occupation or subjugation.
• Fighting for justice and promoting equality including racial and gender equality.


Since establishment, and with the help of donations and affiliations from a number of trade unions, the non-charitable trust has:

- Funded a concert held in London in aid of the Music Fund for Cuba in March 2010

- Funded a public event celebrating the 50th anniversary celebration of British-Cuban friendship in June 2011

- Supported Beyond the Frame Photo Exhibition, a major exhibition and sale of Cuban art held in London in April 2012

- Funded the visit to the UK in September 2012 of Aleida Guevara, an inspirational representative and spokesperson for the Cuban Revolution and its battle against the US Blockade, and for Justice for the Miami Five. Aleida spoke at numerous events across the UK, including at a packed fringe at TUC Congress, meetings held in the parliaments of  Westminster, of Scotland and Northern Ireland, and gave a number of high profile media interviews

- Supporting the Morning Star, including currently with a redesign project. 

- Backing the Russian Revolution celebration events in the UK in 2017

See also the Events section for more information on the Fund and its activities.

Supporting the Ken Gill Memorial Fund

We very much hope that you will be willing to support the The Ken Gill Memorial Fund, and are grateful for the many contributions already received, both small and large, including in particular those trade unions, locally and nationally, who have affiliated.


Trade unions, (including local branches), and other organisations can affiliate to the Ken Gill Memorial fund. Download a form by clicking here, or to request one email us at or call Tom Gill on 07776 471 657

Become a Friend

For a regular monthly sum of £20 (or £10 for pensioners, students or unwaged) become a Friend of the Ken Gill Memorial Fund, receiving a free copy of the book of Ken's caricatures or the video biography. Download the application form here, complete it and return it to: The Ken Gill Memorial Fund c/o Tom Gill, 52 Lyal Road, London E3 5QQ

People can also make a donation to the Fund.

Make cheques payable to : The Ken Gill Memorial Fund
Send to: The Ken Gill Memorial Fund c/o Tom Gill, 52 Lyal Road, London E3 5QQ

Paying by BACs

The Ken Gill Memorial Fund
Unity Trust Bank Plc
Account No: 20235253
Sortcode: 086001

Paying by standing order
Email us at and we will send you a standing order form

You can also support us by...

You can also contribute to the aims of the The Ken Gill Memorial Fund by purchasing the book of Ken Gill's caricatures, Hung, Drawn and Quartered and the Ken Gill Video Biography.

They are available through the Morning Star and all proceeds go to the newspaper.

The book is also available from the